Viva Las Vegas

As we prepared for the move back home, we knew it was going to be crazy.  First, we decided to buy a home, then we chose to build one instead.  With the wait, we needed somewhere to stay.  Lucky me! We got to live with my father in law.  If you’ve ever lived with an in-law, or even a parent you know the struggle.  But in all reality, it’s truly been a blessing to have a place to stay, rent free for a few months.  The babies have adjusted well and Audrey is happy with her family nearby. 

The agents I work with and work for are amazing.  They have made me feel at home since day one.  I always say that with choosing to be here, I took on a great responsibility and always have to be on my ‘A’ game in order to give them my best.   The same goes for the district team, in order to help our agents be the best, we’ve got to always give our best. 

I’ve been impressed with the caliber of agent in New Mexico, specifically my team.  Not surprisingly, they are great at what they do!  I see many qualities in them that I see in myself; hard-working, resilient, and go-getter are the three I see most often.  I didn’t know what to expect, but the group has exceeded my every expectation and shown me why District 25 is the best district in the state.  They’ve been a pleasure to work with and it’s just the beginning! 

Putting a team together that would be of high value to my agents was one of my first challenges.  A few months into it and I feel great about the people that I’ve chosen.  Rob, JoCelyn and Erik are all excellent at what they do and willing to help our agents reach the top and stay there.

Rob Thomas, our Agency Business Consultant is superb at life insurance and has been able to work with agents and help them identify any needs they have in their agency and put a plan together WITH them to reach their goals.  We can already see the difference he’s making on the Growth Model.

JoCelyn Medina, our Head of Training is taking the reins of an area that has been lacking over the past year and taking it back to the basics!  She works daily with staff to make our agencies stronger on the back end.

Erik Maese, our Head of Agency Development has not only helped some of our existing agents find buyers for their agency, but he’s also been able to place some quality staff in agencies that needed it. 

As for me, I’m just the Director of Entertainment and Promotion.  I make things fun.  This past weekend I took 7 agents and their spouses to Vegas for being top Life Producers in the first quarter.  We stayed at the Paris Las Vegas and had an amazing time!  It was a well-deserved getaway for our team.  As the host I received a Diamond card from the hotel, and you better believe that I used it J!  We had so much fun that we only took 4 pictures, haha!